Good Time Friends

Lost of pictures coming soon from having my two besties in Shanghai:)


Good Time Friends

The Color Run – China Style

When my coworker asked if I had heard of the Color Run before I said yes. Of course, I’ve heard of it but I mistakenly thought it was a “Western” thing. I was the wrong and thankfully so!

The Color Run has come to China and when said coworker asked if I wanted to run it, I said sure! In a lead up to the race I was a bit nervous as I haven’t ‘really’ ran for over 2 or so years – unless you count running for the elevator ?

I didn’t have to worry too much as I ran with a group of friends with some interspersed walking. The run was more about camaraderie and having a good time and the best part was the endless photo ops at the end of the race.

I did wish the finish line area had a bit more going on in terms of food, drinks and vendors, but since it didn’t that meant I got to go home earlier to a well deserved nap!









The Color Run – China Style

Morning Walks

I’ve fallen out with running in these past fews years. I used to love it so much but now cannot will myself to even find the motivation to think about it. Cue walking. I still love exercise and moving my body especially as I sit at a desk most-all of the day. A little morning movement perks me up and sets me off for the right kind of day.

Additionally, the morning is a great time to see ‘real China’ in action (even though it’s all pretty real up in here). People brushing their teeth, saying hello to neighbors, doing their morning shopping or tai chi – it never gets old. Below are some scenes from a recent traipse.





Morning Walks

Friday Photo.3

Hi Friends!

Ann here.My Friday photo this week is from my morning walk. It is a simple photo of one of my favorite streets: Wuding Lu. This street is my home and it’s nice to see early in the morning when it’s empty. Recently the humidity has cut a bit and temps, while still high, are coming down. I know it’s cliche but I do like to talk about weather and I can (slightly) feel fall creeping in. Happy weekending!




This week is dedicated to wine. And what better way to enjoy wine during the summer months than a batch of sangria. Red or white, I don’t discriminate. I love it all. When I studied aboard in college, I learned this recipe.

Serious Sangria:

  • 1/2 cup gin
  • 1/2 cup sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 cup brandy
  • 4 cups wine
  • sugar
  • soda (sprite or something similar)
  • sliced fruit

Add in whatever herb or fruit you have on hand.

Mix and enjoy!

Friday Photo.3

Random Tuesday Happy Hour

Happy hour is a common activity in Shanghai. There is not a lack of places to go or deals to ‘get’. I don’t get to tons of happy hours (probably for the better!) as I’m usually at a work event, getting my healthy on or making dinner after work. The chance for happy hour is a treat though, and one I cannot turn down.

The Bund is the waterfront area in downtown Shanghai. The Bund ‘side of the river’ is made up of historical buildings, mostly old banks from the 1930s and ’40s. It’s  only four subway stops or a 20-minute bike ride from my house but I don’t get there enough. On the other side of the river is Pudong, the new area of Shanghai. This is made up of futuristic looking buildings and is a visual treat. It’s a Shanghai experience to be on the Bund and see across the river – one reason the Bund is a main tourist attraction in Shanghai!

I associate the Bund with upscale restaurants and pricier dinners and drinks. To my surprise a recent deal from the great local app, Bon App, offered happy hour at M Glam. Right on the Bund, M Glam, is super swank and not my usual style but on this random Tuesday it felt decadent. The view is great. Plus a snack and drink for less than ten bucks – that’s a good deal by Shanghai standards!

The Bund side of the river:

the bund

The Pudong side of the river:


M Glam:



Random Tuesday Happy Hour

Out to Eat: Local Noodle Shops

Since returning from India, I have been enjoying simple Chinese food much more than before. I think it may stem from eating too many rich and heavy Indian curries! A simple bowl of noodles or wontons have been my favorite for lunch. The great thing about these is that they’re pretty cheap too!

As my work colleagues and I go out to eat for lunch we try to do a high-low mix of western and Chinese, also meaning a bit more expensive and nice and cheap. The western food is often “Chinese western” so it’s not very good and expensive to boot. I much prefer a bowl of cheap, fresh noodles.

One of my favorite places to get noodles also hand makes and slices their noodles to serve. You can see this happening upon walking in the restaurant. The broth is always tasty and you know it’s fresh – a lunch win. Below is a quick snap of a recent noodle lunch.

Xinjiang Noodles



Out to Eat: Local Noodle Shops

New ‘Do

In India, I was the only person not to have a mirror in their room. It was an interesting experiment and kind of nice to take a break from myself (or at least seeing myself). I didn’t realize how often I look into a mirror until I didn’t have one. Every time I brush my teeth, wash my hands, put makeup on, walk by a mirror — it’s instinctive to look at the mirror. I didn’t miss seeing myself all that much. But once I got back to ‘real life’ the mirror was a bit scary. My eyebrows, my hair and more had all gone a bit rogue. I’m not sure what my yoga mates in India thought of me…maybe that I was a cave woman?!

Upon being back in Shanghai, I needed an update to everything, hair included. I have a great salon close to my house that I go to (when I’m not getting street haircuts). Ten bucks and they give a good wash and trim. This time I wanted a little something extra and I decided on a perm. Yes, a perm. The last perm I had was in fifth grade and rather tragic so needless to say I was nervous. After four hours in the salon (sooooo much time to be beautiful…), with my head in curlers half the time, I was prepared for a breakdown after leaving. Luckily there was no such breakdown. They gave me just what I wanted – a ‘body perm.‘ This type of perm gave a little lift and life to my hair and Ray, the hairdresser, said it was a bit “Parisian” so of course I liked that. Below are a few shots from a recent Saturday, day three of unwashed hair, with a latte and Elvis waffle – yum!


New ‘Do