We are two friends who went to high school and college together. We bonded over our love of food, fashion, travel and the many things in between. Now, we live in different parts of the world.

To stay up-to-date on our lives and collaborate on something fun, we started Two Cities, One Plate. This blog tells the story of our lives, what we have on our plates at the moment including food, fashion, pets and travels.

About Ann:


Current Home:  Ni Hao! I’m currently in Shanghai.

Likes+Loves: Cheese, yoga, fresh air, long-form articles, podcasts

Favorites: Wine, desserts, dogs (in that order)

About Ashley:


Lives: 303! That means Denver, Colorado for the uninitiated

Likes: Guacamole, dancing, reading the news

Loves: My animals, speaking Spanish, drinking wine

Favorites: Traveling the world, my morning cup of coffee

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