My Favorite Things About My Favorite Food

Recently the majority of China had one of the two big holidays – October Holiday. Originally the holiday was created to celebrate the founding of China as a communist nation, but nowadays it’s used more as a tourism holiday. Much of the country is traveling in and out of China, me included!

For this past holiday Kyle and I headed to Korea with some friends from Shanghai. We had too many, too late nights in Seoul and headed to Andong, our old stomping ground. Andong is a beautiful “small” city of 150,000 and is known as the capital of Korean traditional culture.

Andong is relaxing as it’s surrounded by mountains and my all time favorite thing about Andong (and Korea in general, but especially Andong) is the food! We have our old favorites we stopped by while in town.

The food in so fresh and vibrant in Korea and that is one reason why I love it. The flavors are bold and can be a bit shocking and are offset by delicious, fatty (in a good way) meat. Korea’s top beef, Hanu, is the Kobe beef of Korea and it comes from around Andong. So Andong really is the place to be for fresh, local, great eats.

Beef BBQ:


Traditional Korean: Lots of side dishes (banchan) and some fish and pork.


One of my all time favs: Bibimbaop – mixed rice and veggies & bulgogi – more meat!img_3545

My Favorite Things About My Favorite Food

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