The Color Run – China Style

When my coworker asked if I had heard of the Color Run before I said yes. Of course, I’ve heard of it but I mistakenly thought it was a “Western” thing. I was the wrong and thankfully so!

The Color Run has come to China and when said coworker asked if I wanted to run it, I said sure! In a lead up to the race I was a bit nervous as I haven’t ‘really’ ran for over 2 or so years – unless you count running for the elevator ?

I didn’t have to worry too much as I ran with a group of friends with some interspersed walking. The run was more about camaraderie and having a good time and the best part was the endless photo ops at the end of the race.

I did wish the finish line area had a bit more going on in terms of food, drinks and vendors, but since it didn’t that meant I got to go home earlier to a well deserved nap!









The Color Run – China Style

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