Friday Photo


With Fall right around the corners, garden season is almost over. We had a plot at our Denver Urban Garden (DUG) community space this year. It has been wonderful to lean on the expertise of the seasoned gardeners in the group. My favorite part is the herb garden. It has about 12 different varieties of herbs that come back every year. This is a view of the entire space. I’m already plotting for next year.



No garden but a few veggies! Below is a picture of reindeer meatballs I devoured in Helsinki. They were less gamey than I expected and extremely delicious! If you haven’t heard about ‘those Scandinavian” crackers yet Pete Wells, a food critic, wrote an intriguing article about how he ate these as part of his “diet”. These crackers are pretty much Wasa Crackers and I like them but I’d have to say the meatballs had much more flavor!



Friday Photo

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