Alphabet Date: Brazen & Bob Schneider

The alphabet dates continued in August, brought to you by the letter “B.” After our awesome “A” date in July, Skip had big shoes to fill. He didn’t disappoint.

We kicked off the Friday evening with Happy Hour at Brazen, a restaurant near our house that changes its menu every week. Happy Hour was a killer deal, and we tried mussels, oysters, potatoes bravas, a meatball and yummy drinks.

After Happy Hour, we headed to The Soiled Dove for an intimate evening with Bob Schneider. Since Skip is a super fan, we had tickets to both the 7 and 10 p.m. show. It was kind of weird seeing both in a row because a lot of the banter and set list were the same, but still a great show.

The Soiled Dove was the only concert venue in the heart of downtown at one point. Then its owners built a new building in Stapleton, and moved the concert hall to its basement. I liked the space because you get a seat (hey, I’m old!) very close to the music.


Alphabet Date: Brazen & Bob Schneider

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