Garden Season: Green Beans

Green beans tend to hit you all at once. You have a beautiful bush plant with tiny white blossoms. Then you forget to check it for a few days, and you pick a gallon bag full of giant beans, maybe a few days past their prime.

I selected a handful of young, tender beans and stuck them in a jar of pickle juice for a quick snack.

Then, I went to town on preparing this creamy bean soup recipe I found on All Recipes. Hands down, this is the best thing I’ve made with veggies in the garden.

I used red onion instead of shallots or green onions, and I added in a tiny bunch of Swiss chard. I think the secret is to puree the dish thoroughly, so you don’t have any tough bean chunks.

This was my first time cooking with tarragon. Even though it smells like anise, the flavor was a beautiful complement to the green beans. I have plans to make this again!




Garden Season: Green Beans

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