Things I’d like to do


It’s true. There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want to, especially lately. I’m sure Ash feels the same way with the wedding coming up soon!

This post is about some things I want, wish and will do. It is inspired by Dream Create Do’s #dreambiggerlist project, so let’s get going!

Below are some things I’d like to do and one day (hopefully soon) will. What are yours?

A habit I’m going to break

Checking my phone when I first wake up. And as the last thing before bed. Sometimes I wish the smart phone was never invented!

Something New I am going to try

A new workout class – possibly barre or crossfit. I’ve taken the wonderful Katie’s class a time or two but that seems to be years ago. It’s time to try something new!

A place I’d like to visit

There are too many places to list. I can’t wait to hear about Ashley’s bachelorette party in New Orleans as it’s one place I’m dying to go. Italy and Sri Lanka also top the list.

A book I’d like to read.

Nothing has caught my eye lately but I’m craving a light, easy and funny read. Something I can listen to while walking and/or a book that will take me completely out of my head. Possibly this one or this one?

What are you most grateful for right now?

Warmer weather! It’s taken ages for Spring to arrive in Shanghai and now that it’s here I’m soaking up the warmth while I can!

A new healthy dish I’m going to MAKE

Hmmm… I haven’t been cooking too much lately nor have any desire to. I really like cooking and baking when I have ample time to enjoy the fruits of my work and this hasn’t been the case lately. But this chai-spiced chia seed pudding looks fast, easy and delicious!

I’m going to do better at

Everything? Going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, working out in the mornings, reading more, cooking more, savoring the important moments, big and small, more. There’s always room for improvement, but first I’m going to focus on taking more deep breathes during the day. This is something that seems doable…gotta start somewhere!

Things I’d like to do

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