Masala Chai

In February, I spent five weeks in India completing yoga teacher training. The experience was one I won’t forget anytime soon but something that will stick with me for life is my newfound love of chai. I knew before going that I wanted to drink as much chai as possible. Now I have a full-blown addiction.

‘Chai’ and ‘cha’ means tea in many languages from India to Africa to China and beyond. The particular chai in India is masala chai. Much like chai, masala the word is used in many different ways and refers to a mix of spices. One goal upon returning to China is to master my own masala chai at home. I brought back spices from India, have experimented a bit and am still working on the perfect cup. As it may take a while for my chai to be as good as Indian chai, I thought I would share some recipes that are getting me close to the real thing. I’ve been playing around with recipes from the always trusty The Kitchn blog and this recipe.  Two tips: cardamom and ginger are key – Jai jai for chai!

Chai chai

Masala Chai

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