SWSW: Check This Out

My best spring breaks both took place in Texas and both involved Ashley. There is just something that draws me to that state and that classy lady. Our trips to South Padre Island and SXSW top the spring break list.

And it’s that time of year again – Spring Break. Although I won’t be heading South (or anywhere), this time of year always makes me think back. Every year I love following the SXSW happenings through the news and two of favorite podcasts: Sound Opinions and NPR’s All Things Considered. One gem I recently found was All Things Considered’s Austin 100 – a playlist they put together every year with interesting bands playing at the festival. The playlist is a great way to see what’s going on and find some cool new bands to listen to. It’s a free download (for the month of March only, so hurry!) and available on Spotify. Happy listening!

[Editor’s Note: Neither Ann nor Ashley could find electronic photographs from these epic trips!]



SWSW: Check This Out

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