New ‘Do

In India, I was the only person not to have a mirror in their room. It was an interesting experiment and kind of nice to take a break from myself (or at least seeing myself). I didn’t realize how often I look into a mirror until I didn’t have one. Every time I brush my teeth, wash my hands, put makeup on, walk by a mirror — it’s instinctive to look at the mirror. I didn’t miss seeing myself all that much. But once I got back to ‘real life’ the mirror was a bit scary. My eyebrows, my hair and more had all gone a bit rogue. I’m not sure what my yoga mates in India thought of me…maybe that I was a cave woman?!

Upon being back in Shanghai, I needed an update to everything, hair included. I have a great salon close to my house that I go to (when I’m not getting street haircuts). Ten bucks and they give a good wash and trim. This time I wanted a little something extra and I decided on a perm. Yes, a perm. The last perm I had was in fifth grade and rather tragic so needless to say I was nervous. After four hours in the salon (sooooo much time to be beautiful…), with my head in curlers half the time, I was prepared for a breakdown after leaving. Luckily there was no such breakdown. They gave me just what I wanted – a ‘body perm.‘ This type of perm gave a little lift and life to my hair and Ray, the hairdresser, said it was a bit “Parisian” so of course I liked that. Below are a few shots from a recent Saturday, day three of unwashed hair, with a latte and Elvis waffle – yum!


New ‘Do

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