Asia’s Cat Obsession

I don’t understand it, but have grown used to it. I’m referring to Asia’s cat obsession. Cute kitty cat items are everywhere! From stuffed animals, to apparel, to full-on cat cafes, Asia is a meow-riffic place.

I think the most ‘shocking’ cat experience was flying on a Hello Kitty branded plane a few years ago. I was flying to Taiwan and, to my surprise, I got to fly on this special plane. It was Hello Kitty’d out – from the pillows and decorations, to the radishes in the salads that were Hello Kitty shaped and colored, right down to the toilet paper!

What brought on my cat-pondering was a new cafe that opened near my office. It’s not a cat-branded cafe but a regular cafe with cat pillows, showing that wherever you go in Asia there’s bound to be a cat-item somewhere. I couldn’t help to share a few pics. Also, shout out and mad love to Millie!





Asia’s Cat Obsession

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