Tasty Tea

While I absolutely hate the word ‘detox,’ this is sort of a recipe for a ‘detox’ tea, but for our sake lets called it ginger party tea time!

Little rant: detox, okay people what are those ‘toxins’ that everyone says they are ‘getting rid of?’ Just ask, and you’ll most likely be met with a befuddled face. Why can’t we just enjoy good food and good times? Sure there are times where I’ve eaten (and/or drank) too much and need to drink some more water and eat a little lighter, but a detox, no thanks.

Rant over and on to tea. I’ve thoroughly enjoying this tea on Sunday afternoons when I have some time to use real ginger. A little ginger, lemon, turmeric and cayenne  –  ends up spicy and wakes me up!

Get the recipe here and enjoy!2016-01-03 15.20.42


Tasty Tea

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