Favorite Blog Reads: Ann

There are tons of bloggers out there and we each have our favorites. Check out Ann’s list below!

Ann: AnnI remember first finding the world of blogging in 2010 or so. It feels like when I first stumbled across blogs they were much more personal and not as ‘styled’ and the blogging world felt smaller. Over the years it has been great to see blogs and their authors grow but also fascinating to see the blogging industry mature.  I have some favorites that I found back in the day and still read; check them out below.

Joy the Baker: Joy’s authentic style and no bullshit attitude — while still being sweet and funny — is what drew me in and keeps me coming back. Her beautiful photos and ridiculous recipes are awesome as well. Try the sweet potato pie this fall.

One Twenty Five: Being a woman, it can be a struggle to stay healthy and eat right. Liz is brutally honest, broadcasting her feelings and life on her personal blog. Plus she’s a traveler!

PB Fingers: Julie started her blog to share exercise and health tips. She also shares day to day life and just recently had a new babe. It can seem quite creepy knowing someone through the Internet but it’s been fascinating following Julie and her positive and doable approach to healthy eating and working out – much appreciated.

Kendi Everyday: Kendi’s blog is the first fashion blog that drew me in. Her style is gorgeous and approachable – the perfect combination!

Favorite Blog Reads: Ann

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