Smog Stories

Smog is a constant worry when living in China. When I first moved here it was always a topic of conversation. After living in Shanghai for a few years, it’s always at the back of my mind, but just another problem that I don’t give much thought to.

Smog is an everyday problem and every morning I open my bedroom shades to see ‘what the air is like’ outside. Often times, grey and thick, it is a deterrent to exercising (like I need any more deterrents to that!). Since moving to Shanghai, I have stopped running as I don’t want to breathe in the air deep outside. I’m become a huge fan of walking but don’t do this as much as I should.

Seasons also hugely affect what the air will be like. In the winter, coal factories heat up and this time is often referred to as ‘smog season’. In the spring and fall, the smog usually subsides and we are left with gorgeous skies although my definition of a ‘nice sky’ has become warped. After traveling back to the States last summer and actually seeing a 100% clear sky I saw the vivid colors I was missing out on. To give you an idea below are some pictures from ‘clear’ days and not-so-bad and not uncommon smog days. It makes me thankful for clean Nebraska air!

IMG_3838 IMG_3837IMG_1251

Smog Stories

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