Out to Eat: Potbelly Sandwich Shop & Hot Pot


On my way home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I found myself stuck in the Chicago Midway airport for about five hours. Ravenously hungry, I walked a full loop before coming upon Potbelly Sandwich Shop. I ate at Potbelly when I lived in Chicago one summer during college. They have divine pickles and a fun, kitschy decor.

I decided to go with their classic “A Wreck” sandwich with salami, roast beef, turkey and ham. It was pretty darn good! I love a classic sub sandwich with pickles, salt, pepper and vinegar. I noticed a few of these spots opening up in Denver lately. I guess the Chicago-based chain is expanding!

Potbelly Sandwich ShopMore Potbelly Sandwich Love IMG_8252


Hot pot is a vital food group for Chinese. People love it and wait in line for hours at any of the hot pot restaurants in the city to get a seat. It’s a social meal where you share the ‘pot’ in the middle of the table to cook various foods from meats to veggies to seafood and more.

I tried hot pot about a year and a half ago and didn’t love. The smell that stuck on your clothing was nauseating. Ever since then, I have been determined to try hot pot again. I really wanted to know what was so great about it!

Cue a friend coming into town who wanted to try hot pot and I was at it again. We went to a popular hot pot chain Haidilao. The service is supposed to be great and the food even better but I wasn’t blown away. It might be blasphemous to say but hot pot just isn’t for me!

Hot Pot Shanghai

Out to Eat: Potbelly Sandwich Shop & Hot Pot

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