Explorations: Krug Park, Omaha, Nebraska

I haven’t lived in Nebraska in many years. In fact, most trips home consist of driving all night long only to arrive at my parents’ house around 1 a.m. No side trips, no stops, no time to explore any of the new, cool spots coming to the cities. If we get to the Runza drive through before close, it is a victory.

My last trip home, I finally had time to stop and grab a drink with a dear old friend. Diana picked me up from the airport and escorted me to the Benson neighborhood. This is an area of town that has been revitalized over the past few years. Bars, shops, restaurants and breweries line the main street. We grabbed an afternoon Bloody Mary at Krug Park. A historic looking spot, Krug Park has more than 50 brews on tap, spirits and 12 different Bloody Mary options! I had a fabulous time catching up with D and taking in the funky atmosphere. Cheers!


Explorations: Krug Park, Omaha, Nebraska

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