Christmas in China

Ok, I admit it, I’m usually a little scrouge-y during Christmas time. It stems from Christmas being so close to my birthday. Having a birthday anywhere around Christmas is bad, and between Christmas and New Year’s is even worse. There’s no time for friends to celebrate my birthday as they’re either celebrating Christmas with their families or ‘saving’ up for New Years…ugh. And don’t get me started on getting birthday presents wrapped with Santa’s face.

Well, I’m happy to say this year is different. I don’t know if it’s my ‘maturing’ age or life in general, but I’m not hating on Christmas this year and actually looking forward to my birthday (was not happy turning 30 last year surrounded by 20 year olds…). I don’t have many plans for Christmas and even though it’s not an official holiday, I’m still planning on spending the day at home eating Christmas foods and watching Christmas movies. Being away from families and friends is not the best, but thanks to technology we’ll make the best of it!


Our Christmas tree. Actually it’s a plant from the curb hanging on to its last few weeks. Thanks to family and friends all the presents surrounding the tree make it look much better!


Pre-Christmas feast and gift exchange arranged by a friend.


My gift – it’s as delightfully tacky as it looks and I’m using it with pride (although the fake gems won’t stop falling off).

IMG_1242Typical winter attire, both in and out of the house – fully, padded, fuzzy pj’s:

IMG_1050A tiny, clueless dog in a reindeer suit makes any day feel more Christmas-y!

IMG_1173   And finally, a ‘white’ Christmas – that is a smoggy Christmas. IMG_1251

Christmas in China

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