30 to 31

I turned 30 last year and am quickly coming up on my 31st. I like getting older and get really annoyed when 24-year-olds think aging is the end of the world. They are looking at it all wrong! Aging makes me not only a better person (I think, I hope) but also a more interesting individual.

Getting out of my 20s makes me realize how little I actually know and how much more I have to live. It also makes me appreciate that life is unpredictable and even the best laid plans might not happen or happen a bit differently than I want them to. It’s funny to think back ten years ago when I had an idea of where I’d be of what I’d do….and that’s not it today. It’s also exciting to know that we can create our own paths and make the changes that we want to see. Here’s to 31 and 32 and 33 and…..


30 to 31

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