Morning Commute

Sometimes on my way to work I get a bit of road rage. Something comes over me. A driver cuts me off. Someone won’t let me merge onto the interstate. I hit every stop light possible on Federal. The list of minor infractions could go on. I am reminded that Denver average commute time is 26 minute, slightly higher than America’s national average of 25.8 minutes. I even get a bit jealous of Ann’s fabulous walking commute. I used to walk or ride my bike to work. It was amazing and I was always caught up on family gossip or my latest Spanish podcast.

But then I look up and see this incredible view. While I may have to drive to work (swear to goodness, I’ve tried to figure out how to take public transport, it would take me 2 1/2 hours!), at least I get this phenomenal view!

morning commute

Morning Commute

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