Weekday Wardrobe: Ann’s Go-To List

In my dream world my wardrobe is perfect, Pinterest perfect. I look great – my bangs have grown out, I hardly have to wear make-up and wake up looking like Gwyneth Paltrow – dewy and fresh, but cooler than her and not so uppity of course!

In real life I’m often tired, reaching for the same clothes over and over again. With my hair in a ponytail, of course! It really isn’t so bad and I personally think there is something appealing, romantic and of course real about looking ‘regular’ everyday. As I race to get ready each morning my work horse work clothes are simple dresses, skinny dress pants, flats, some nice jewelry and of course a smile!  My two favs are below.

Merle Norman: Natural Brow Powder – a make-up must every morning!

Gap Ultra Skinny Pants – which I also like to wear with a gray shirt and blazer for a lower-key work look.  PSskinny

Weekday Wardrobe: Ann’s Go-To List

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