Supermarket Sweep: Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are dime a dozen in Shanghai. On every corner you are guaranteed to find a 7-11, Family Mart or an All Days. These are usually open 24 hours and you can get most things you would need in a pinch here: water, booze, eggs, candy, bread, Band-Aids and more.

Some of the stores are better than others and my personal favorite is Family Mart (is it weird to have a favorite convenience store?). These are usually cleaner and better lit with more goods. I especially like the Family Marts that have picnic tables outside where, when the weather is nice, it turns into a Family Mart Pub – I can sit outside with friends and some cheap beers.

Below are some pictures of the All Days a few steps from my apartment. Candy, gum and (bad) booze galore.

2015-10-24 19.55.41 2015-10-24 19.55.45 2015-10-24 19.55.49 2015-10-24 19.55.55 2015-10-24 19.56.04 2015-10-24 19.56.18Funny side note – in most Family Marts there are condoms and dildos prominently displayed at every counter….

Supermarket Sweep: Convenience Stores

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