Ann’s Top Three iPhone Apps

Our phones. Our thirds arms. We can’t do without them (okay, we probably can). In honor of that third arm, below are my three favorite iPhone apps.

Affirmations: A bit corny but using this app is a great way to start the day. Too often I reach for my phone to check my e-mail or social media but taking a few seconds to check the daily app and dwell on this before getting out of bed and checking my other things is a great way to start the day and always helps put your day in perspective.

Instapaper: This is a great app for when I want to read something but can’t take the time to read it then and there. I receive two newsletters, one in the morning – The Skimm –  and one at night – Next Draft – and they often link to great long-form stories. So I save them on Instapaper for times like waiting at the elevator or reading before bed.

WeChat: The be-all, end-all of apps in China. If you don’t have WeChat you aren’t a person. It is a great app. I mostly use it for communication, social sharing and paying/sending money but it can be used for just about anything: ordering items, booking a taxi, paying bills, booking different appointments, etc.

P.S. Nike+ Training Club is a good workout app but I don’t use it as often as I probably should. Also, interesting tidbit, in China they don’t say app but instead A.P.P. – pronouncing each letter.

Ann’s Top Three iPhone Apps

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