What It’s Like: Happy Hour Sushi

Even though a landlocked state, Colorado has a plethora of sushi options. I think part of the credit goes to brothers Toshi and Yasu Kizaki. The brothers, purveyors of Sushi Den among other restaurants, take sushi very seriously using fish flown in from their hometown in Japan. 5280 Magazine wrote a feature on the duo a few years back that’s worth a read.

Judy and I ventured out on a Friday to have a little pre-theater sushi at Hapa Sushi Lodo. Hapa Sushi is a local joint with four locations around town. We came to take advantage of their awesome happy hour deals like $4 wine, $3.50 rolls and $7 sake bombs. We tried just about everything on the happy hour menu and walked out of their full and happy.

Hapa Sushi yummies Sushi 2 Sushi 3

What It’s Like: Happy Hour Sushi

One thought on “What It’s Like: Happy Hour Sushi

  1. […] Happy hour is a common activity in Shanghai. There is not a lack of places to go or deals to ‘get’. I don’t get to tons of happy hours (probably for the better!) as I’m usually at a work event, getting my healthy on or making dinner after work. The chance for happy hour is a treat though, and one I cannot turn down. […]


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