Take a Walk: Tuesday Morning in Shanghai

I used to be a big runner. Before China, I called myself a runner. I had run a few half marathons and even one in Korea. One of my bucket list goals is to run a marathon. I still think I want to do this some day. But now, I don’t refer to myself as a runner any longer. I probably run for 20 minutes once every week and if I get that much in I’m lucky.

I love Shanghai but it has killed my love of running (for now). Luckily there are an abundance of gyms and fun classes such as cycling and aerial yoga to check out and there’s always at home workouts so it hasn’t had a huge effect on my health.

Even crossing the street in Shanghai is hard, so moving faster than my usual shuffle I would fear for my life. Plus coupled with the smog, running is not in my cards right now. Long story short though, my lack of running has led me to a new love of walking. Weird, right? This usually happens the other way around but I love to get out in the morning for 20 to 30 minutes. It feels like a special time before the streets are filled with rush hour traffic and the locals are getting their days started. Below are a few scenes from a recent October walk in my neighborhood Jing’an.

Morning cigs for sale.
Fish stall on Changhua Road.
The pork shop on Changhua Road.
Veggies galore! Get there early to get the good ones.
The wooden stool shop on Changping Road.
A morning straight shave.


Take a Walk: Tuesday Morning in Shanghai

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