Quick & Easy: Tarragon Chicken

In an effort to bring more health into my life, I’ve been trying to cook at home more. Living in Shanghai, I have never eaten out more in my life. This is good for my taste buds and bad for my wallet, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal.  One of my favorites as of late is Chicken Tarragon, a quick dish that feels decadent.

This recipe is so simple to put together. I think of it as “healthy” as I use coconut milk to get that creamy taste and it has vegetables. There is no hint of coconut, only the rich flavor of tarragon shining through. Even my mushroom-avert boyfriend loved this dish.

The only picture I have is the horrible one below as I had got home from a day of work to prepare this for a Friday night meal and was more focused on getting wine in the glass and food in my tum than taking pics.

Check out the easy, delicious recipe here.

Tarragon Chicken-

Quick & Easy: Tarragon Chicken

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