Face Product: Keihls

The older I get the worse my skin becomes. My sun spots and discoloration have become darker and cover more of my face. My face is strategically turned so the photo below doesn’t show ‘the bad side’ of my face but you can see the spots along my lip and cheek area. Concealer does not cover this and it is embarrassing! I’m blaming these unsightly spots on the environment in China speeding up the breakdown of my skin. Seriously, I’ve aged five years in the one year I have been here. It’s a sad story and one that’s forced me to take a closer look at my products. A drugstore fan I am but there’s two products that I can attest to and that are worth the splurge.

Ann's spotsKiehl’s clearly corrective dark spot solution and Murad radiance serum are the two products I’ve used with success. After trying home remedies and numerous other potions these two, (not to be used at the same time) have both given me a more even complexion. I used Murads after receiving a free trial after a facial, but especially like the Kiehl’s serum as it not only decreases existing dark spots, but it also prevents dark spots from happening in the future.  Both are pricey but when you have spots as bad as mine it’s worth it!

Kiehls clearly corrective dark spot serum

Face Product: Keihls

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