Supermarket Sweep: Lianhua

One of mine and I’m sure Ashley’s favorite things to do while traveling is…grocery shopping! It is fascinating to see what products are available, how they are packaged and for what price in different cities and countries. You can learn so much about a culture and the place you are by wandering up and down the grocery store aisles.

One of the main local grocery stores in Shanghai is Lianhua. There’s one on every corner and they are more like a small market, not the now-common big box stores.

On a recent after lunch stop to Lianhua to pick up few products for a work project, I spotted some items of interest. The dairy section is always interesting and brimming with new products. Milk and yogurt are abundant, but unfortunately cheese it not. These banana shaped yogurts are very entertaining. I didn’t try one but if I was six years old, I would be all over that.

Chinese banana yogurt drink

Another interesting thing is seeing the milk and eggs in different countries. In America our eggs and milk are always refrigerated but in many other places the milk is Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) processed and the eggs are not kept cold. The other shocker upon moving to Asia is that there are no white egg shells, only yellow, brownish shells. Now I’m used to both of these things but with so many different types of eggs in China, I just hope I’m reaching for the chicken eggs!

China grocery store eggs

China grocery store eggs

Supermarket Sweep: Lianhua

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