Explorations: Philadelphia

I somehow missed the class trip to Philly when I was young. But as an adult who is fascinated with the history of our founding fathers, I was excited to explore the birthplace of America. Philly did not disappoint! Special thanks to Kara and Taylor for giving us reason to explore one of the oldest cities in America.

We trekked to every historic site from the Reading Market (pronounced redding, not reading), a food emporium with stalls upon stalls of options, to the famous LOVE statue by Robert Indiana to the Rocky Balboa statue in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I even convinced Skip to visit the Rodin Museum and he dragged me into Independence Hall. Most exciting, our hotel had a waffle maker with a Liberty Bell design. Freedom never tasted so good.

Reading MarketPickle Bar!LOVECocktails in the CityRocky!Rodin MuseumIMG_3220Waffles!IMG_3401IMG_3481IMG_3473

Explorations: Philadelphia

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