Weekday Lunch: Wontons & Qdoba


One of my favorite quick lunches or dinner is wontons. They are such a great meal as you can get them in soup or summer style, without the soup and with a peanut butter sesame sauce. There also are different options for the filling and size of wontons. I go for the big wontons that are filled with pork and veggies. Also available are small wontons filled with tiny pork meatballs. On almost any block in Shanghai, you can find the small wonton shops, nothing nice, but you can get a quick bite for about $1.50.

wontons wontons


Fast casual is a common term for describing a restaurant in Denver. I am not sure when this term was coined, but fast casual restaurants typically offer healthier options for eating out, but don’t require a ton of time for prep and offer no table service.

The Mile High City is the birthplace of fast casual chains Chipotle, Smashburger, Noodles & Company, Mod Market, Garbanzos and, today’s lunch choice, Qdoba. My absolute favorite meal, as I’ve waxed poetic about before, is taco salad. Qdoba kicks it up a notch with tequila lime chicken, fajita veggies, guacamole and fresh cilantro.

Qdoba MenuFast CasualTaco Salad

Weekday Lunch: Wontons & Qdoba

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