Girl With the Curls

I have been both blessed and cursed with curly hair. Blessed because I now love the ease and simplicity curly hair allows. I can wash it, put in product and be out the door in a snap. Or I can put it up into a French twist and look fancy without really having to try.

Up dos are not problemCursed because I did not know how to cut or style my curly hair until I was about 22. My mother keeps hostage years of photos that are proof of my poor hair cutting choices. In this classic shot, I was trying to mimic Gwyneth Paltrow’s pixie cut.

Scary haircut of the centuryNowadays I get asked what I use on my hair at least once a week. So I thought I would share my tips with the world. The struggle is real for my curly haired comrades.

First, and this is most important, never brush your hair. I finger comb it while I condition, but that is it. Once I am out of the shower, I shake my hair a bit. Give it a good flip and put on product. Right now I am loving L’Oréal Curl It Mousse. I have never liked mousse before I started using this product. I genteelly scrunch a big glob of this into my hair. Next, I spray on John Frieda Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray.

Curly Hair ProductsUnfortunately, my hair curls best if I don’t touch it until nearly dry. I call this my drowned rat look.

Drowned Rat LookBut patience is rewarded! Once dried, my curls look great and these products really do hold the curl.


Girl With the Curls

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