Explorations: Minneapolis in August

My sister lives in Minneapolis. I have managed to visit every season, month and time of year except for August. While Minnesota is a lovely 21 degrees below zero in January, I was excited to see what August had to offer. No surprise, it was phenomenal.

We ran an urban race in the North Loop neighborhood. Skip and I took an unfortunate turn on the first portion of the scavenger hunt and ended up running a completely different course. But it was fun and we saw some beautiful sites via the city’s running paths.

Kick off to Urban Race

We went out on the town with my dear friend Stevie and her boyfriend.

Out on the town in Minny

Jon, my sister’s boyfriend, taught us how to play frisbee golf and we explored Minnehaha Falls.

Minnehaha Park IMG_7432We spent a relaxing day hanging by Lake Nokomis and enjoying a bit of wine on tap and a Monkey Bar, aka frozen banana, at Sandcastle.

Lake Nokomis

Monkey Bar IMG_7461We visited Tom’s Popcorn Shop, a Minnesotan original and chatted with the owner about the popularity of grape-flavored kernels.

Tom's PopcornIMG_3197We enjoyed amazing food at the Northbound Smokehouse with Lindsey and Jon. I am pretty sure you can order fried cheese curds at EVERY restaurant in Minnesota.

Northwood Smokehouse IMG_7468We left the beautiful city with a morning run around a little lake by my sister’s house. Until next time Minny!Last view of Minny

Explorations: Minneapolis in August

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