Fall Excitements

A new season, a new chance for renewal. I don’t believe in big New Years resolutions but in continual change and improvements. New seasons are natural times when I get excited about what’s to come. These aren’t self-helpy but do make me happy!

Ann’s List:

Ashley’s List:

  • Miller Farm’s Fall Harvest Festival: $15 at this family-owned farm equals a full haul of fresh veggies. The catch? You have to go out into the fields and pick everything yourself.
  • If/Then: Idina Menzel kicks off the broadway’s American tour at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. I. Can’t. Wait for October 21.
  • Fall Camping: I need to see the Aspen’s turn this year from the front porch of my tent.
  • Relaxing: With summer nearly behind us, I want to take a bit of a break on the weekends to chill out and check out some new haunts in our neighborhood.
  • Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio: Opening November 8 at the Denver Art Museum, this exhibition explores new connections between artist father and son.

What’s on your fall list?

Fall Excitements

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