Take a Walk: French Concession

Sunday’s weather was the epitome of a great Shanghai day.  It started out grey, and really what day doesn’t start grey in Shanghai, but by late morning the grey cleared and the sun came out. Shanghai is often cloudy, rainy and more often than that, smoggy. So days when the sun shines are special. This also is why I like waking up early in the morning: the sun usually makes an appearance before 7 a.m. With the sun shining and the weather in the 80s it was a perfect day to spend outside in Shanghai.

One of Shanghai’s gems is the French Concession. This trendy neighborhood was foreign concession from 1849 until 1943 and still retains its original charm. The streets are small and shady. There are plenty of places to stop for a coffee and of course YongKang, a 200 meters foreigner enclave, is a great spot for a cold one and/or a little Sunday funday.

Walking from my house in Jing’an to Yongkang takes about 40 minutes. Much faster by bike but I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. Enjoy some Shanghai Sunday street life photos, below.

Shanghai French Concession Shanghai sidewalk scene YongKang Lu The quiet side of Yongkang Lu Yongkang Lu Dog in a stroller

Take a Walk: French Concession

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