Weekday Lunch: Brasa Chicken & Village Tavern

A recent lunch discovery is Brasa Chicken, a Peruvian chicken joint. How did I not know about this place earlier?! After living in Shanghai for two years, I moved a few blocks east to a new neighborhood. With the new neighborhood comes exploring and I was lucky to find Brasa. As it’s located close to work, it’s a weekly favorite.

Brasa ChickenThe chicken is roasted perfectly and I’ve only had roasted chicken this good a handful of times before. The chicken is the star but the side dishes that come with each meal are on-point too. I always go for quarter chicken combo but will soon branch out to try their chicken sandwiches, salads and wraps.

Village Tavern

You really can’t get more American than the Village Tavern. Located near Flatiron Crossing Mall, less than a mile from my work, the eatery is a regular stop for many business people in the area. They have an extensive menu, see picture below of just the front of the menu, with a little bit of everything.

Village Tavern's expansive menuNormally I don’t like restaurants that don’t have a focus, but they have the BEST Asian chicken salad. It comes with edamame, fried wontons and two dressings. I can’t resist getting this every time I go here. Plus, they have a lovely patio cloaked in shade. On days when I can actually leave my desk and work campus, it is an extra treat to get to sit outside and see the sun.

Asian Chicken Salad

Weekday Lunch: Brasa Chicken & Village Tavern

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