My Kitchen Tip: Freezing Spinach

My kitchen tip is pretty straight forward but I find it helps me eat healthier, especially when I’m in a pinch.

I assume you can get frozen spinach at one of the many online import grocery stores, but this will be imported, brand name spinach and more pricey than I’m willing to pay for some freaking spinach.

There are many local wet markets where vegetables are plentiful and cheap. The veggies here are covered in soil and pretty dirty, but once I get them home, I give them a little soak with some white vinegar and they’re as good as new. I usually head to the local wet market or a small vegetable stall on the weekends. The locals go very early to get the best of the pick but I don’t worry about getting there too early as I know the grandmas will beat me no matter what time I wake up. Here I can get all my veggies for the week for about 10 bucks. Spinach is always on the list and easy to clean. The only problem is I sometimes grab the wrong ‘green’ and get a stronger tasting leaf that doesn’t go as well with what I pair it with.

Once frozen, I use the spinach in morning smoothies with a banana and juice, as added veg in scrambled eggs and am soon planning to try it out in some spinach artichoke dip…delicious!  See below for the easy guide to freezing your own.

Spinach is cheap(!) and in abundance at your local farmers market or you could even use this tactic on that huge bag you might not eat before it goes bad.

Step 1: If unwashed, wash your greens, tear or cut off the stems. Give the greens a quick chop if you’d like (once frozen the greens ‘crumble’ nicely).

Freezing spinach

Step 2: Get your handy plastic bags ready and stuff! I usually put about a cup or so of spinach in each bag. I don’t measure; just eyeball it.My trusty Chinese plastic

Step 3: Freeze! Freezing soon after buying helps to save all the good stuff (vitamins, etc.) before it starts to wilt.  My freezer is not great so I like to use up my spinach in a week or two. Frozen spinach with some ginger in there too

My Kitchen Tip: Freezing Spinach

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