Current Obsessions: Garlic Sriracha & Sweet Potatoes

Garlic Sriracha

Garlic. Sriracha. I probably don’t need to continue because I already have your attention. Tone’s makes a blend that combines these two flavors in a powder form. I spotted the adobe colored seasoning at Sam’s Club a few weeks back and promptly forgot about it. While grabbing the salt shaker for some fresh corn on the cob, I noticed the unopened bottle. A little Earth Balance (I don’t eat dairy) and a sprinkle of this stuff and my mouth was doing a dance. It is the perfect marriage of these two spices, flavorful but not so hot you can’t handle. Go now and get a jar before it disappears! I am already plotting how to use this blend in all of my cooking.

Garlic Sriracha on Corn on the Cob

Sweet Potatoes

Garlic and a little kick are two of my favorite flavors, but lately I’ve been toning down my spices and opting for sweeter flavors. I’m not yet admitting summer is over but I have been eating like it as sweet potatoes remind me of fall flavors.  Recently I’ve been drawn to the sweet potato and have been having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After peeling and dicing, I roast them in the oven with a bit of oil. My go-to is potatoes with eggs for breakfast and with chicken for dinner. But, as I’m not letting go of summer, I think a juicy burger and these sweet potato fries are in order. Yum.

Sweet potatoes

Current Obsessions: Garlic Sriracha & Sweet Potatoes

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