Cat Craze: The Birth of a Cat Lady

I am a bit of a cat lady. I admit it freely. No shame here. I love all animals but there is something special about cats. I have loved these cuddly playmates since I was a young girl.

A young cat lady

Apparently, this is a widely known fact as every single birthday card comes with some mention of a cat. Every. Single. One.

Gifts even take on the feline theme. I have a dress with a cat pattern, a cat scarf and cat jewelry. I blame my current kitty, Millie, for the obsession. She is so sweet; I have yet to met someone who doesn’t like her.

Millie tucked in on the couch

Even my co-workers give me hilarious cat items they found and “had to get for me.” I have not one, but two sets of cat coasters on my desk.

But I love it all and am innately drawn to cat-themed items. This series will capture the cat craze that is my life, but also document the hilarious products found in both Denver and Shanghai touting the feline form. Who could resist this awesome Betsey Johnson cat clutch? Billed as a cosmetics case, I would rock it as a wristlet.

Denver Cat Purse Craze

Cat Craze: The Birth of a Cat Lady

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