Weekday Lunch: Freddie’s Kitchen (Shanghai) & Level 3 Cafe (Denver)

Ann’s Lunch Stop: Freddie’s Kitchen

Freddie’s Kitchen is around the corner from work. It is one of those places that mixes Chinese and Western food, which often means a poorly made spaghetti dish. After the first choice restaurant didn’t fit the bill, Freddie’s was chosen in a pinch. (Side note: I seriously doubt that anyone named Freddie has anything to do with this restaurant.)  All in all, it wasn’t bad, not mind-blowing, but not horrible. I ordered the beef, rice and vegetables. The beef was seasoned with five spice and the vegetable was shredded potatoes. There was also a bit of pickled vegetables but they’re not my thing unless it’s kimchi.  Freddie's Kitchen

Finished meal

Ashley’s Lunch Stop: Level 3 Cafe

Meanwhile in Corporate America, I forgot to pack lunch on a particularly busy day. With no time to run out, I was forced to visit my company’s café. I shouldn’t say forced. They have a huge variety of options including a salad bar, sandwich shop and a grill. However, it can’t shake its cafeteria-like feel and most of the food tastes a little less awesome than expected. I went full on American for this lunch getting a wrap, fruit salad, potato chips, brownie and topped it all off with a Coke. Sometimes, you just need the real thing, not a diet soda. Really, there was nothing diet about this lunch!

Level 3 Cafe's finest lunch.

Weekday Lunch: Freddie’s Kitchen (Shanghai) & Level 3 Cafe (Denver)

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