Weekend Wrap: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Denver is located in the mountains is a common misconception I hear. It is located in the foothills on the cusp of the Rocky Mountains, but it is not in nor on top of the mountains. Don’t get me wrong; it is a stunning place to live with breathtaking views of the Rockies. But sometimes a girl needs to get out of town and head for the hills. Insert Steamboat Springs. A bit off the beaten path, aka the I-70 corridor, Steamboat Springs is a great location for a weekend getaway. A gaggle of friends and I headed up Friday after work. We rolled into town just in time to see the moon rising.

Blue Moon Rising as we rolled into Steamboat SpringsThe Boat, as I affectionately call it, is home to one of my besties, Tracey. Tracey spearheaded this getaway complete with car snacks, hiking, wine, tubing and Double Z Bar BQ. We kicked off Saturday with a hike.

Hiking game; bears better watch out!We had a running joke about bears, so this sign seemed fitting.

Warning! Bears and YouHiking provided gorgeous views of the valley. And a little house envy. Not pictured: Ginormous modern mansion with helicopter pad and solar panels.

Weekend hike, view from the topAfter hiking, we hit the Yampa river in our tubes, cooler in tow for an afternoon of baking in the sun. Sometimes I forget how much I love water. Growing up in Nebraska, there were lakes everywhere. In Colorado, most people boat or fish in lakes and streams fed with freezing cold mountain runoff.

Floating on the YampaI forgot to take any photos at Double Z Bar BQ because I was so hungry at this point, it all went down in a blur. Next time I will capture the pure carnivore delight of this place.

Weekend Wrap: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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