Weekend Wrap: A Quiet Shanghai Weekend

This series features scenes from the weekend in Shanghai and Denver sites and observations from walks through our beautiful cities.

After getting back from the States on last week, the weekend was much appreciated to get things in order and back into the swing of “Shanghai life”.

I thought I was prepared for the Shanghai summer as it was pretty steamy at home, but alas I was not in the slightest sense prepared. Stepping out of the airport into the Shanghai heat and more potent, humidity has left me with a layer of sweat over my whole body with everything I do. It’s the come home and peel off your clothes and maybe cool down 20 to 30 minutes later heat and humidity. On an up note, my clothes dry quickly!

Shanghai's hot sky

With the heat I am torn whether to stay in the safe over-air conditioned places or to venture out. This past weekend I was able to do both. The Internet is a constant conversation topic and pain here in China, mostly because it’s so slow and lousy. And fail proof upon returning home my Internet was not working. The Internet technician who was supposed to come at noon finally arrived at 2 p.m. only to have to go out and get another wifi box and not returning until 4 p.m. Nowadays, the Internet is everyone’s lifeline so needless to say I devoted my Saturday to getting the Internet up and running. Even though the sun was shining this was a nice time to spend indoors, read some glossies I was able to fit in my luggage and paint my nails.

Summer magazine readingAfter a day spent inside I took it to my laundry room which opens up to the city for a night of reading and wine. Solo. That’s how I’m rolling.

Shanghai nights toes and wine

After a Saturday inside it was time to hit the town for an exhilarating Sunday (sarcasm). Heading back to my yoga studio felt good the day of, but hurt the days after. And the real joy was discovering a new park: the park at the Garden City Hotel on Maoming Street. I don’t think it is a public park but there were some full-on garden parties with foreigners happening. My day at the park was more impromptu and included slack lining, hooping (my friend Jess has amazing skills), grapes and soda. It was great to spend time outdoors before a week spent hiding from the heat.

bike in park

Shanghai park

Weekend Wrap: A Quiet Shanghai Weekend

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