Current Obsessions: Eggs & Clarisonic Skin Brush

Slow Cooked Eggs

Nothing is better than a Sunday morning when you can drink too much coffee and relax.  Having a big breakfast to accompany the coffee is key to a slow morning which for me means slow cooked eggs. I’ve always been an over-easy egg girl but upon finding slow cooked eggs, I’m a convert. Slow cooked scrambled eggs take attention, patience and time – they may not be best for a big breakfast party when you are chatting and tending to different dishes but perfect when the house is quiet and it’s just you and your eggs.  Here are two recipes: one for traditionally slow cooked scrambled eggs and the other using cornstarch. The articles explain that the protein strands in the eggs tighten up with heat but supposedly the cornstarch will slow this tightening down. I haven’t tried the recipe using cornstarch yet but this may be in order for a rushed weekday morning when I am craving some soft cooked scrambled eggs.

Quick note: there is no way to photograph soft cooked scrambled eggs that they look sexy or delicious…but trust me, they’re worth it!

Soft-scrambled-eggsClarisonic Skin Brush

I have my sister to thank for my current obsession, the Clarisonic face brush. At first, it seemed ridiculous to pay money (and quite a bit of money, at that) for a face brush, a simple tool to help wash my face. But this was before I tried the device.

Lindsey and I showing our disc golf skills.While visiting my sister in Minneapolis (her glowing skin is pictured above), she was kind enough to let me demo her face brush. She had an extra head for me to use and it easily snapped off and on. The brush hums along making a fantastic foam out of your face wash. My skin texture and tone started looking better after only a few days of use. I can’t believe how lovely my skin feels! Consider me a convert.

Clarisonic Face Brush

Current Obsessions: Eggs & Clarisonic Skin Brush

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